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Artery Publications believes words are weapons – to be used to educate, inform and promote the ideas of social progress and socialism.


Artery magazine

Artery Publications began in 1971 as the publisher of a socialist magazine for arts and culture. The name has nothing to do with medicine; it was derived from the root ‘art’ and the idea of an artery as a vessel that carries the lifeblood.

Artery magazine was originally set up by a small group of progressive young artists, under the editorship of Jeff Sawtell. It was intended to act as a counter-balance to the mainstream arts magazines that fed into an elite concept of art and kow-towed to the hegemony of the art market. Artery became a forum for progressive artists and writers to challenge those concepts and to promote a socialist approach to art and culture as well as to create a bridge between artists and ordinary working people. It was published over 13 years from 1971 until 1984.


Alongside the publication of its magazine Artery, Artery Publications also published a series of volumes of poetry, bringing poets like Keith Armstrong, Chris Searle, Arthur Clegg and Bob Dixon to a wider public for the first time.

Other books, now out of print, include a volume of short stories by writers from the German Democratic Republic – Writings Beyond the Wall - and several books by John Green.

Present day

Today Artery Publications is a publisher of autobiographies and works of fiction and non-fiction by progressive and socialist authors. Artery takes up commissions from individuals or organisations to write or edit, design and publish their works. Contact us at with a brief description of your proposal or request. Please note that we do not respond to all emails; if you have not heard from us within two weeks you may assume that we are not in position to work with you. Also, we are not in position to offer general advice on getting published.

Questions relating to orders, including wholesale and distribution matters, should be directed to

Artery Publications
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