Ken Sprague: People’s Artist

by John Green
2002; Paperback; 137pp; ISBN 1-903458-34 X

Ken’s art has the power and strength to inspire. He is the true heir, as a socialist artist, of William Morris."   Martin Rowson, cartoonist

This book is a biography of a modern day quixotic communist artist.

This fascinating and lively biography by John Green of the larger than life, all-round artist, Ken Sprague, demonstrates how everyone can be a special kind of artist – how art can transform lives, can be an expression of social engagement and celebration ofendeavour to make a better world possible build bridges. This is what has been said about Ken and the book:

"A celebration of the work and vision of Ken Sprague is to be welcomed – he, as much as anyone, deserves it."   Tony Benn, politician and activist

The author, John Green, is a journalist, former documentary film-maker and trade union official.


1 copy, including P&P
Published by Hawthorn Press in partnership with Artery Publications. Publication generously supported by the Lipman-Miliband Trust.

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